Screen Printing

One of the most cost effective long lasting forms of promotion is the screen printed t-shirt.  Check any dresser drawer, or people walking on the street.  With long lasting, vivid and durable inks, the screen printed tees can last for years, capturing points in time like a photo album and offering thousands of visual impressions to your target customer throughout its lifespan. As a first amendment right, freedom of speech is expressed daily through screen printed inks on various items.

Why choose Krees Sales & Service for your next project?

With 14 years of experience in decorating garments, bags, flags and more, there is not much we haven’t encountered. We sleep well at night because we tell the truth.  If you or your company have ever been burned on an order we hope you can appreciate that. Tight deadlines, difficult artwork, or any challenge with screen printing are a daily event for us and we can take the pressure off you.  Our offerings include up to 6 colors in-house on 2 manual presses,  with access to 3 automatics capable of up to 8 colors on dark, simulated process printing, puff inks, neon and more. We can print on challenging fabrics like polyesters, nylons, and tri-blends using specialized procedures and inks for you.

We enjoy solving our customers problems using our creative in-house art staff.  Should you need help with a design layout, redraw of an existing logo or any help in creative we are the solution.

Online Stores

Let us customize an online store for your next team, fundraising, or school event. No more order forms, collecting money and wondering if you order went through.  It’s fun, easy and works very well.

An online store is a great option for Charities, Camps, Schools, Family Reunions, Uniform replenishments, Firehouse wet Downs, and Fitness events. Anyone with a credit card, access to a computer and your secure password (optional) can order.

One store raised over $6,000 in a few short weeks! Why not try it next time for your people?

The online option lets you control the sell price, open and close date and products offered. It can be ANY item, not just wearable items. Contact us for more information.


When your company needs the finest attention to detail and an upscale look, embroidery is a good option. We can embroider hats, bags, blankets, jackets and more with our In-House embroidery and digitizing solutions. Running 4 embroidery heads we can produce for your company very quickly. Have a LARGE order? Our association with larger friendly producers can handle thousand piece orders easily.

Direct to Garment

Have you ever needed a shirt quickly, in full color, photo realistic quality print? Have an idea for a prototype before you invest in a large amount? Digital To Garment (DTG) may be your best solution.  Our HM-1 digital printer can pump out beautiful images on cotton. Ask for a sample or watch out YouTube video to learn about it.

Promotional Products

With access to over 450,000 different promotional products from leading manufacturers we can help source  fun, long lasting items that people and companies will appreciate. Promotional items include all the regular items like pens, cups, lanyards and more all custom imprinted with your logo /message.  We have 14 years of experience and can steer you in the right direction, on budget, on time and with a quality job.

A proven sales builder, promotional products drive customers to your website, phone and engage them in a way that radio, TV and other marketing cannot.

Let us send you our line card of items.

Wide Format Printing

Graphics look great when they are printed in large scale in full color on Banners, Signs, Posters and Window Decals. We can handle your graphic applications in almost any size and will direct you to the best method for your project.

Specialty Printing

We have the ability to print on a WIDE variety of substrates. Plexiglas, Cotton, Cardboard, Plastics, Grip Tape, Nylon, Polyester, Plastics and more using custom inks, jigs, and good old fashioned innovation.  If we can’t find a way to do it for you, we will find a way to refer you to someone who can. Bring the details to us and we will partner with you to get it done right.